This video shows the rapid accumulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) occurring during a single calendar year.

Every year, the world’s vegetation and oceans absorb around half of the human-caused CO2 emissions, slowing the rate of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere.

Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

This is our planet, our home, our only home.

Of the 1,780 confirmed planets beyond our solar system, only 16 are located in their star’s habitable zone, where conditions are neither too hot nor too cold to support life.

We cannot reach them.

Robert Swan said it most eloquently when he stated:

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

From little things, big things grow.

We had a single mission with C6, to move the needle forward. To design a simple, elegant, structural solution that can be replicated time and time again.

To use materials where they are most fit for purpose and to not be trapped by dogma.

We seek to create homes that generate joy. Let’s design our buildings to be win-win for us and for our planet – these two notions should not be mutually exclusive.

Biophilic design is real. Studies prove that living in natural materials make us feel calmer, lowers our heart rate, reduces anxiety, and gives us the best opportunity to live happier, healthier lives. The natural aesthetic of C6 homes is intended to be elegant yet simple, sophisticated yet understated.

Inside these hands are 600 seeds.

C6 will consume approximately 580 pine trees sourced from sustainably managed and farmed forests.

This handful of 600 seeds will produce roughly 7400m3 of mass timber.

Equal to 42% of the mass of the world’s tallest hybrid building – C6.

The most impressive part of this story is that all the timber consumed in this building, will be regrown in 59 minutes from one forestry region alone.

We can’t grow concrete.

C6 will include 80 Tesla Model 3s for our residents, powered by an on-site EV charging station that is fitted in every bay using 100% renewable energy.

Talk about driving on sunshine.

“C6 has taken the approach that the choice of structural construction materials must be assessed against a range of parameters including, cost, efficiency, availability, and environmental impact. This has resulted in the rationalised application of all construction materials that will be used in C6 to build most of its columns, beams, floors, and walls. This approach demonstrates a maturing in the Australian construction sector that has come about over 15 years of research, development, and the application of mass timber construction to compliment and work within established steel and concrete construction techniques.” – David Bylund – Ph.D.

C6 is designed by Award-winning Tier 1 architects Elenberg Fraser.

Elenberg Fraser are perfectly aligned with the C6 vision, focusing beyond thinking about solutions to global problems, and taking steps to resolve them.

C6 is more than a building, its a new building system that inverts the carbon diagram – from carbon creation to carbon capture and sequestration. An architecture of consequence. – Callum Fraser

C6 seeks to be the benchmark for the future, but it must not forget its connection to place.

C6 has been delighted to collaborate with renowned artist Sohan Hayes who will be commissioned to bring C6 to life through visual and auditory projective, moving art -never seen before in the built environment to share the story of place and country in collaboration with indigenous elders.

The latest IPCC report “Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability” provides us with a meaningful “cheat sheet” as to what we need to address and its material impact to reducing emissions.

Grange is delighted to bring you C6. Our firm is laser-focused on delivering landmark projects centred around our five core principles of Community, Climate, Innovation, Value, and Execution.

C6 will return 85% of the site to the community. Residents of South Perth and those visiting will be able to enjoy our “tower to plate” food and beverage offering, nature themed playgrounds, educational and entertainment cinema, horticultural zone, and ground floor pre-settlement landscape complete with CLT-Rex.

C6’s rooftop encompasses 500 square metres of edible and floral gardens with extensive food and entertainment amenities. The rooftop will host guest chefs, live entertainment, and bookable private lounges and dining rooms for special events.

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