We’re The Problem, And The Solution

If nothing changes, nothing changes

The built environment is one of three primary drivers of catastrophic climate change. Together, building and construction are now responsible for over 39% of carbon emissions globally. According to the World Green Building Council, 28% of emissions originate from operational activities, with another 11% coming from embodied carbon emissions. The property industry lags behind many other established industries that have made promising technological advances toward drastically reducing global carbon footprints.

As one of the highest contributors to carbon emissions globally (ranked in the top 3 per capita with Qatar), Western Australia has an urgent obligation to protect future generations through investment in sustainable construction projects using renewable materials. The science is clear, and the time for a change in construction technology is now.

WA has recognised the urgent need to respond to catastrophic climate change and is now leading the country in many aspects of its transition. For example, innovations in green hydrogen, pioneered by FFI or proprietary technology around clear PV via companies such as ClearVue.

WA now has the opportunity to become a green powerhouse and possesses all the skills, talent, and resources necessary to make this vision a reality.

Renewable hybrid timber construction is the answer 

Throughout the past 15 years, the commercial construction industry has adopted a new perspective on renewable mass timber, acknowledging it as an appropriate building material for use alongside steel and concrete.

C6 will leverage all modern building materials’ respective strengths and characteristics, including steel, concrete, and mass timber. The structure will be constructed using approximately 7,400m3 of renewable timber technologies, including Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam), and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).

Grange Development believes that hybrid timber buildings are the future of a carbon conscious-construction industry and, if executed correctly, will replace steel and concrete as the foundations of our built environments. Hybrid buildings are simply superior in structure, climate, and design.

“C6 is the next step in efficient design and construction that leverages the respective strength and characteristics of all modern building materials including steel, concrete, and timber.  It has been designed to utilise a growing body of knowledge that has come from a distinguished line up of local and international mass timber buildings.” – Dr David Bylund PhD.

All documentation commissioned by Grange throughout the design and construction of C6 will be provided, free, as open source to accelerate sustainable projects globally.

C6 represents the future of what is possible, except it will be delivered now

Beyond Sustainability

Introducing The World’s Tallest Hybrid Mass Timber Tower, C6 

Western Australia’s first carbon-negative building project will become the world’s tallest hybrid timber residential tower. Pioneering the green construction revolution, C6 will deliver an unprecedented commitment to world-class renewable design in South Perth by showcasing global best-practice in biophilic design, sustainability, architecture, transport, and engineering.

The world-first 186.5m high residential project merges renewable construction and sustainable living to align with Western Australia’s ambitious vision for net-zero emissions by 2050. C6, aptly named after Carbon’s elemental symbol on the periodic table and location at 6 Charles Street, represents the future of renewable construction technology, driven by mass timber fabrication at a commercial scale. 7400m3 of class-leading renewable mass timber technologies will comprise 42% of the structure.

C6 offers unparalleled, sustainable living across 245 one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments (including penthouse and sub-penthouse levels), set over 48 levels incorporating an exclusive 500 sqm rooftop with edible garden, dining, and entertainment space as the building’s crown.

Residents will have exclusive access to a fleet of 80 dedicated Tesla EVs powered by an embedded power network, consuming 100% renewable energy.

C6 goes beyond powering its integrated transport via renewables. The entire building will be powered by renewable energy, and productive food grown on-site will be presented through its “tower to plate” food and beverage offering.

Unlike concrete or steel, the entire C6 renewable mass timber structure will be regrown from one region alone in 59 minutes.

Energy savings delivered in the C6 structure alone will equal 4,885 economy class seats on a Perth to London long-haul flight

Living Breathing Design

Wellbeing Begins with Biophilic Connection

Designed by Tier 1 Architects, Elenberg Fraser, and brought to life by Grange Development, C6 seeks to set a new benchmark for luxurious, elegant, and sustainable living throughout the property and construction industry. The aesthetically beautiful, exposed timber structure and luscious vertical landscapes will provide an immersive, biophilic experience connected to nature with almost 3,500 sqm of floral, edible, and native gardens throughout the building.

The living and breathing natural design will include 18 sqm of communal space for each apartment, contributing to the health and wellbeing of residents living across all levels, equating to 300% more amenity per apartment than R-Codes require.

The external diagrid is a bold celebration of the structure’s simplicity and form inspired by Myron Goldsmith’s logical approach to the structural system of the 60s.

C6 will engage the local community with a dual-level, open-air piazza on the ground and mezzanine levels serving as a sustainable education hub and offering paddock-to-plate experiences with produce grown on-site. The public area will include a children’s nature playground, cinema, horticultural zone, F&B and entertainment precinct. Occupying more than 2000 sqm and equal to 85% of the site, this area will be gifted back to Council and the community as part of the project and will welcome guests to the precinct as well as provide activation and refuge via the future South Perth Station.

Organic biophilic experiences will enhance the health and wellbeing of residents through a natural connection with the environment. Natural buildings are proven to lower heart rate, lower anxiety, and intensify joy.